5 Best Upcoming Pakistani Dramas

The Pakistani drama industry has been producing works of marvel for years. Without any exception, we are also expecting some finely crafted storylines with the most beautiful faces to present them. A lot of compelling and captivating content is coming ahead, but there are 5 best upcoming Pakistani dramas that are expected to be your favorites. So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

5 Best Upcoming Pakistani Dramas

5 Best Upcoming Pakistani Dramas

Pehli si Muhabbat

A very unique and powerful storyline is expected with this serial. The stunning Maya Ali and Shehryar Munawwar will be playing the main roles in this serial. Maya Ali is making a return after 3 years in the industry. Similarly, Shehreyar has also been away from the drama industry for over 6 years. However, he has been in various films in between but this will be his return to the drama industry. The exact details followed by the story are uncertain but it is said it will be full of gripping sentimental moments.

5 Best Upcoming Pakistani Dramas

Chupke Chupke

The majority of us are well aware of Comics By Arsalan (CBA) who is a rising YouTube talent of Pakistan. What if we told you that he is making his debut in the drama industry this year? That’s right. Chupke Chupke will be his first TV serial. His remarks about the serial included “It is a love-hate relationship of one big family that is filled with occasional jealousy, friendship, romance, and lots of laughter.” Other than that, major celebrities like Osman Khalid, Ayeza Khan, Ali Safina, and a fresh face Aymen Saleem will be starring in this serial.

5 Best Upcoming Pakistani Dramas

Raqeeb se

We all know the famous drama “Dar si jati hai Sila.” You’d be glad to hear that the same production team is back with “Raqeeb se”. Senior actors such as Nauman Ijaz and Sania Saeed are performing in this serial soon to come. What’s interesting about this drama is the acting debut of the singer Hadiqa Kiyani. Artists making their debuts into acting always makes for a unique experience. The promos show a very unique and promising story which gives us another great serial to look forward to.


This is a project of Next Level Entertainment. Zahid Ahmad and Nawal Saeed are the main characters in this serial. Zahid Ahmad has recently proved his mettle with tough roles such as playing the role of a Transgender. Now, his performance in this serial is much awaited. You will also see other familiar faces in this series. Aiza Awan will also be there so you can expect an all-around amazing story.


Anmol Baloch and Ahmad Usman will be starring in this drama. This drama shows hopes for all the top hallmarks you could expect in a quality serial. It follows a romantic story that will touch your heart and soul.  Hum Tv had interesting things to say abou this drama in their caption stating “Khuda kare tumhe bhi kisi se pyar ho..aur woh tumhe naa milay! Presenting the first teaser of the most anticipated drama serial, “Raqse Bismil”. With a great cast, it promises a remarkable story.

These are our 5 Best Upcoming Pakistani Dramas for now. Make sure you watch them. Have any more we should add in our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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