People born between January 20 – February 18 are termed as Aquarius. Aquarius is the 11th astrological sign. This sign is greatly associated with Air, Saturn and the colors Light-blue and Silver. Being an Aquarius, you will naturally have some noteworthy plus points over other people but there are also some downsides you need to be aware of.

What kind of a person is an Aquarius?

Aquarius people tend to be naturally intelligent, deep thinkers and people that love being there for others. They are also shy and quiet and have a strong imagination in comparison to other zodiac signs. They are excellent at dissecting situations which makes them perfect problem solvers. Having an Aquarius around means you have an empathic soul to listen deeply to all your problems. With strong intellectual abilities they can be a good listener and a problem solver both at the same time.

Being an Aquarius, use your visionary abilities to inflict positive change in the lives of people. Having an intellectually stimulated brain, you will do well in crafts such as art and creativity. On the downsides, try to maintain a strong grip over your insecurities and maintain a grasp over your anger and idealism under emotional extremes. Being aware of both your good and bad qualities will enable you to use your innate talents to the best of your ability.

Aquarius are excellent brains, their name says it all:

A for analytical

Q for quirky

U for uncompromising

A for action-focused

R for respectful

I for intelligent

U for unique

S for sincere

Special Powers of Aquarius


Being an Aquarius, you always have an array of amazing ideas at your disposal. Belonging to this sign means that you are extremely progressive and look out to bring positive change in the world. Having a strong sense of justice and compassion, you have the ideas and plans to create revolutionary changes.


You often get lost in deep thinking and have the ability to analyze every small detail which normally other zodiacs may avoid. An Aquarius is excellent at coming up with solutions for a problem and can be an amazing aid for people in their life. If you want a well thought out plan for overcoming your issues, Aquarius is the perfect person to contact.


Taking art as a means to express themselves is what an Aquarius is best at. You often don’t follow the crowd and do amazing at areas of creativity such as design, poetry or abstract art. Having an open mind, they will find and do things better and differently with unique solutions.

Downsides of an Aquarius


A high functioning brain might sometimes be difficult to handle. They tend to be extremists and their anger is well known. Continuously jumping from one thought and idea and having an always-evolving identity can make Aquarians seem  inconsistent and emotional.


Even though they are open minded, deviating an Aquarius from their core ideas can be a hard thing. They are often stubborn and might take some time to change and adapt to new ideas. It also resonates with the fact that they belong to a fixed sign. So, making an Aquarius believe in something other than their own beliefs can be a challenge.

Overly idealistic

Being a visionary is both a pro and con when it comes to Aquarius. Being an idealist, you will often find it hard to settle with anything less than perfect. Because of this, they can have unrealistic standards and are more inclined towards frustration, dissatisfaction and even depression.

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