Aries are born between March 21 and April 19. Aries is the first sign of Zodiac and is represented by a ram and is associated with planet Mars and color red. Among all horoscopes, they are the most adventurous, energetic, lively and joyous people. Aries is a fire sign and can possess some strikingly positive traits. But there are also some downsides which every Aries sign should be aware of.

What kind of a person is an Aries?

Aries are the people you will often find under a spotlight. Among all the zodiacs, they are the doers and achievers. The Ram will take on any difficulty of life with full vigor and often come out victorious. They have an adventurous personality that is bold and tenacious. If you have an Aries in life, you will find them extremely motivating to be around and always on the go.

If you are an Aries, you will have a lot of natural charisma and energy at hand. Being with an Aries, you can expect some success seeping into your life too. Having these people around, you will never get bored. However, this much energy needs to be channeled accordingly. They can fizzle out quickly and go into a raging temper. There are some distinguishing yet also some negative traits that needs to be considered.

The name Aries says it all. It represents:

A for assertive

R for refreshing

I for independent

E for energetic

S for sexy

Positive Personality Traits of Aries


They can take on even the most daunting tasks and lead head on. They are not afraid of taking risks and are adventurous by nature. Because of this, you will often find an Aries successful be it business or personal life. They are passionate and fierce.


Aries are constantly on the go. It can be surprising how much they are involved in lots of things simultaneously. These are the kind of people who will say yes to everything and have an abundance of energy for fun and joy in life.

Amazing confidence

People under this sign are natural born leaders and know well how to take charge of situations and others. They are full of confidence and are often winners because of this. They are extremely independent personalities and are used to doing things their own way.

Negative traits of Aries

Impulsive nature

Aries are too much used to doing things their own way. While this can be charismatic but they can also result in extremely emotional actions and intense anger. It can harm relationships and create difficulties where patience and rationality is needed.


They are always full of themselves. While this helps them be confident, they often ignore boundaries of other people. To achieve personal goals, they can often put their friends and family at the back of their priorities list. This can make them insensitive to the emotions of others.

Attention seekers

They are naturally attention seekers and want to be at the center of everything. They always want an audience to appraise their qualities and tell them how great they are. This can have a bad impact on the work-life balance. Often to get the spotlight, you may even harm relationships and even your health.

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