People born between 19th of February and 20th of March fall in the category of Pisces. This sign is a Fish associated with water, the planet Neptune, color purple and the duality of human nature. Being a pisces, you possess some innate amazing traits that can help push you in life. But there is also a downside to them that they should be aware of.

What kind of a person is pisces?

The simplest word to describe pisces is a daydreamer. These people have a natural tendency towards fiction, mysticism and fantasy. They possess a very dual nature and can be too introspective or too boring at times. A pisces can be likeable and a great friend but their moodiness can also make them unreliable at times.

Being a pisces, it is highly crucial that you are aware of your own moodiness. Before making any decisions, take a step back, pause and reflect on the factors that are leading you to make a decision. Use your creativity and imagination to your advantage but also keep a reality check so you don’t make any bad moves under the influence of your emotions. Being friends with a pisces could mean having a genuine helper by your side. But beware if a pisces is doing too much for you, remember to return the favor. Otherwise, because of their moody nature they might lose interest.

The name of a PISCES describes everything about them:

P for psychic

I for intelligent

S for surprising

C for creative

E for emotionally-driven

S for sensitive

Specialties of a pisces


They possess the most artistic qualities in all of horoscopes. Their creativity has no boundaries and they can come up with amazing solutions and ideas. They have a very unique perspective on the world and are used to doing things in an artistic and creative way.


They are natural healers. A Pisces can be a great helper and generous with friends. They naturally emphasize with other people. If you are close to them, you can always expect them to have your back when you need emotional support.


They are very adept at understanding the emotions of other people. A Pisces is an emotionally intelligent person who will deeply understand what other people are going through. They will laugh and cry with you. Having them as a partner, you will receive unconditional love.

Negative traits of Pisces


A Pisces often has an artistic view of the world and scenarios. They might be overly emotional and tend to focus on the negative details too much. Negative thoughts can hit them all at once. Recovering from a bad experience can be difficult because of extreme negativity.


Being highly emotional, A pisces can go from being a loving person to being judgemental and critical. If not given space in their moodiness, they can ruin relationships under the influence of emotional forces.


They will often walk alone because of their unique and idealistic view of the world. This could mean that they are often overly trusting and can be betrayed. This makes them vulnerable to betrayal, hurt and heartbreak.

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